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When you are suffering from any malady, whether curable like a common cold or the flu or you have a life debilitating or stealing disease like diabetes or cancer, spiritual healing, developed by Vianna Stibal, provides a spiritual approach to healing one's self. Vianna professes to have healed herself by the powers of a higher being.

You can find guides and counselors within many communities to help you to create your own inner strength. The belief that the higher powers of this world, such as God for Christians, are there in order to help you to gain faith and trust enough to care for your own illnesses.

Many would consider this irresponsible. Doctors are in the business of science and medicine. They would not suggest such a treatment option as a single approach. Many spiritual doctors may suggest that you also find counselors to help you to clear your mind. The suggestion from medical doctors would be likely in the event that your illness is beginning to cause depression. He or she would know that if the patient is depressed they are less likely to work toward getting well.

Theta healing is just such a spiritual healing method. Within the healing comes an opening of the mind to any deity that you may choose. God is the standard Christian choice for opening up your mind to accept healing from Him, however there are other religions that also provide benevolent guides and each of these is as easily accepted.

When you have an illness that standard medical procedures have not been able to help, consider Theta healing. You can find internet sites that can explain theta healing to you. There is no harm in spiritual well-being and if you are able to will yourself to health because of your spiritual light you will astound your doctors, and be well.
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Consider Theta Healing

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This article was published on 2010/10/20