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Reconnective healing. to better explain, is what we are, what we will become, us as a whole setting aside individualism. We are connected to the Universe and vice verse, without each other we would not exist.The healing process begins when we allow that healing energy to enter us and connect

The frequencies of our little blue Planet are increasing. For us on a personal level this means that we are expanding our mental capacities and experiencing a whole new realm our kind has not yet had the chance to connect to. Because of this we are now able to accept new levels of information and energy from the universe and this is not limited to those who have studied metaphysics for years and years. It is information and loving energy that is available to everyone if you can only accept that the times are changing.

Interestingly enough this has been debatably proven with science. Its validity is debated only because it is a choice within yourself whether you believe it to be true or not, but it is advisable to educate yourself from both sides and try to keep a neutral state of mind when has taken information that has been told to us over the past few years through the modern media and laid it out for us very simply. For instance: our Sun's magnetic field has increased by 230% since the 1990's. The icecaps on Mars have noticeably decreased within one year and therefore changed 50% of its surface features; also the atmospheric density has risen by 200% since the previous observation in 1997. Noticeable increases in magnetic or atmospheric density have been noted in almost all of our planets and our sun. The physical aspects of our connection are also studied through String Theory.

This is nothing to be feared, it is to be embraced. We are entering a denser part of the Milky Way galaxy and our frequencies are all heightened. We must reconnect and heal spiritually with the gifts our Universe is providing with this increase in knowledge and information.

Ways to help the healing. process are accessible here. We must heal our minds and bodies more naturally, not everything we experience physically is caused by something physical. It could be related to something within our minds; stress, anxiety, even simply feeling disconnected from our Universe that in turn our body reacts to as if to say "please stop, I can't take this". Clear your mind, meditate and feel more grounded, you are a part of this, all of this. I can teach you how to aquire this piece of mind and heal within.

While everyone can access this information I believe it is best to have a teacher or guide to help you perfect any kind of healing. Opening your eye can be a little shocking at first and may be frightening, but there is nothing to be feared. It is simply an intensity of love and energy you have not experienced before. I will help you to reconnect with these Universal energies to heal your mind, heart, soul and even your
physical body, Namaste.

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Reconnective Healing

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This article was published on 2010/12/15