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Everyone wants to live a satisfying and fulfilling life and with the techniques of Theta healing individuals can achieve just that. The techniques of Theta healing are aimed at reaching the Theta brainwaves. These methods are done while awake with the goals of healing ailments, addictions, financial problems and other dissatisfying situations. These techniques are based on the belief that the One Creator is what provides the healing when our minds are cleared of all blocks, consciously and subconsciously.

One technique of Theta healing is done by a practitioner who monitors the reactions of the clients muscles while asking certain questions. Because the body and the subconscious mind are connected, this technique helps clients discover their core beliefs that are in the subconscious mind. Once they are uncovered, these negative beliefs can be removed.

The Theta healer will administer the muscle tests by asking questions that are simply answered with a yes or no. When they notice that the muscles harden it is an indication of a positive response of the subconscious mind. When the muscles relax, it indicated a negative response. This helps clients become aware of their hidden beliefs and can clear the way for easier access to the Theta state.

Another form of Thetahealing is done during a meditative state. The clients are instructed to close their eyes and imagine themselves as a round ball of light that is constantly rising and expanding. This imaginative thought is continued until they are bigger than the entire universe and can continue to expand even larger. This meditative session is done to help clients reach the plane of non-materialism.

One other technique that is used for Thetahealing is also done in a meditative state where the client imagines themselves as shrinking smaller and smaller until they are removed from this state of reality. This Thetahealing technique is also used to reach the seventh plane of non-materialism. Applying these forms of meditative Theta healing helps clients connect with the One Creator at the seventh plane where the healing occurs. On some occasions, healings can happen instantly.
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Techniques Of Theta Healing

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This article was published on 2010/10/20