The Birth Of Birthstones

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One of the best gifts you can give a person close to your heart is a birthstone necklace. Since birthstones are common in the market, you will have no difficulty finding one. Birthstones have been around for thousands of years and are considered to possess healing powers. Though women are the ones usually seen wearing birthstones, they can be used by men as well.

According to tradition, the twelve types of birthstones correspond to the twelve months in the Gregorian calendar. And though the trend of wearing birthstone necklaces and pendants started only in the 1500's, birthstones have been used even during the Old Testament times by the priests in Israel.

There is a list of the twelve birthstones found in the Book of Revolution and wearing each on the month it represents will allow it to release more power according to a tale. The twelve stones are Garnet, Amethyst, Bloodstone, Diamond, Emerald, Pearl, Ruby, Peridot, Sapphire, Opal, Topaz and Turquoise.

Due to the fame of birthstones, a lot of frauds emerged to sell counterfeits and took advantage of the ignorance of most people. If you want to discover if a birthstone is a phony or not, place a real stone and compare weights. If the real stone is a lot heavier then you can be sure that what you're looking at is fake.

Since birthstones can make perfect gifts, you might want to consider buying one for a friend or a family member. The most popular birthstone is the diamond which is usually used for engagement or wedding rings. Some birthstones are also used for pendants and bracelets and can be personalized by name engraving.

The reality of the so-called healing power of birthstones can only be proven by the wearer themselves. You must know by now that birthstones are now only used for healing purposes but for fashion in general. In fact, the original purpose of wearing birthstones for healing has been overtaken by the desire of most men and women to look fabulous.

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The Birth Of Birthstones

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This article was published on 2010/11/23