The Power of Healing

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An important request in prayer is the prayer for healing.

 People may be praying persistently for healing, and when they aren’t seeing results, they pray harder and harder but perhaps with no more additional confidence.

 There is one aspect of this prayer that can be discussed that might be overlooked by the person or people who are praying.

 And that aspect is to size up  the prayer and relate it to the power of the Lord.

 John 12: 32, Jesus said, "And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto Me."

 You could picture the sea and everything in it maybe be suddenly drawn in one direction or another. That would be an awesomely powerful thing. We can see traces of this with the power of tides by the shore coming in or going out.

Or if everybody on the earth was instantly touched in a certain way. That would also be an awesomely powerful thing.

 Yet these words of Jesus remind us, that the power is present and can be applied to all and everywhere.

 The prayer for healing is not a reduced thing. While the request for healing is good and valid, it doesn’t always have to centralize on the perspective of a slim hope that the Lord will relent and give a pass by healing.

 While praying for healing, an idea would be to first thank the Lord for the power of healing, and ruminate in prayer in asking for the power of healing to be applied to all, not just you, and it can help you gain the perspective that others have similar ailments or issues in the same ballpark and are also in need of healing and you can thank the Lord for the power that also applies to them as well.

 But if anyone is stuck in the prayer for healing, a way to gain perspective and understanding on this prayer is to call upon the power of healing, and understanding just how strong it is, how mighty it is, and that you aren’t really in a sense praying for a miracle but you are praying into the power that is real and as real as the forces that can change the tides of the sea worldwide and relates to the power of Jesus to draw all men to the place of salvation.


An intercession might be, one of thanksgiving, maybe thanking the Lord for the power of healing for all people with say eyesight troubles, not just you in particular. And this will help you gain the perspective that it is indeed a reality of power that you are calling upon when requesting healing and you can right at the beginning thank the Lord for the existence of his healing power.

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The Power of Healing

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This article was published on 2009/09/23