Trauma Healing And Physiological Healing For Tendonitis And Broken Bone Healing

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Our skeleton system consists of bones and cartilages. The bones, which remain attached to each other with the help of tendons and muscles, together help in locomotion. Any kinds of stress or damage to the bone or even a slight injury to the tendons or muscles hamper movement| . Medically such a case where the tendons get injured is called Tendonitis.. It’s common symptoms are pain with burning sensation and stiffness of the joints. Around the joints some knots may form.

Tendonitis treatment is constricted to the use of pain killers and physical therapy. A careful and gradual return to physical exercise after adequate rest is advised. To treat tendonitis the acronym “rice” is followed which stands for rest, ice, compress and elevate. chronic tendonitis is treated with the help of laser therapy.

Similarly the treatment of broken bones is a physiological process in which the body itself facilitates the healing of the broken bonesThe physiological process of the body plays an important role in the process of healing even after rest and surgery.

The physiological process of broken bone healing mainly consists of three phases. :-:

1. The reactive phase involves the formation of granulation tissues around the inflated injured area.
2. The callus and lamellar cells get deposited in the reparative phase.
3. finally the bone gets repaired to it’s original shape.

Casting the injured bone with fibre glass or plaster, followed by rest and the ongoing physiological process helps in healing putting cast around the injured part can be a traumatic experience causing physical trauma to the patient. Such traumatic experiences may cause panic attacks or numbing of the body parts.

Trauma healing will therefore have to form an integral part of the total process of broken bone healing . Various methods have been advised with this in mind. The trauma related health problems faced by a patient is solved by somatic approach. The approach mainly concentrates in releasing the patient’s physical tension related to his body experiences.

In EMDR and other family therapy provided to the traumatized patients, they are made to believe in themselves.

A person can help a traumatized individual only when he himself has gone through the same phase and knows it’s hardships. . National Centre for Trauma Informed Care is an organization formed by a group of such people. They guide people to overcome their traumatic experiences.

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Trauma Healing And Physiological Healing For Tendonitis And Broken Bone Healing

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This article was published on 2010/10/18